About China

They said the 21st century would be the Chinese century. It is already the 21st century place to visit. Recently, China was almost closed tight, a vast arduous place for travellers, with the largest population but few choices.

Today it is a power in the world, a great manufacturer and a creator of staggering engineering changes. Its a treasure house of culture, its scenic splendours, its amazing food and its booming free market are wide open to visitors. Prominent on its landscape are fast and fearless Shanghai, expanding at speed and powerful, busy Beijing, vibrating with importance.

At the beginning of the Silk Road is Xian, a historical crucible, 3000 years old, where the dramas of a dozen Chinese dynasties unfolded and on the southern coast, easy going Sanya, China’s Hawaii, with soft, clear beaches and crystal waters.

To access all this new world power and old world greatness, there are world class hotels, deluxe road transport, more efficient air connections, and knowledgeable guides.


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